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Vegetarian restaurant  ( 2017)

this project is about the indoor design of a vegetarian restaurant. It includes analysis of the main target group in the foundation, acquaintance of their organ health problems through analysis and investigation of their body health conditions, investigation about the relationship between vegetarian diet and various organs, and adoption of the inspiration from this investigation to design furniture and lamps’ details, in order to convey the concept of health diet by spacial language.  

Chengdu city


The percentage occupied by vegetables which are beneficial to the human body


After the loose bone bed is simulated by gypsum absorbed the vegetable which could supply calcium, the bone becomes healthier.


The percentage occupied by vegetables which could improve skin condition.

The hall of the restaurant is decorated with lamps shaped like human body and organ. After diners enter the vegetarian restaurant, they could sense the health concept conveyed by it. The colorful lights and dry ice combine into colorful smog, with a unique visual effect which could attract more diners.